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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 19, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: party goers stunned by the wisconsin officer jonathan landis and incredible skills. he was a musician before joining the force. having played the violin since he was 3 years old. he does a heck of a job. "fox & friends" starts right now. we'll see you later. heather: bye. >> president trump wants the united nations to be great. >> the united nations u.s. has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. >> there's a report that the fbi wiretapped former trump campaign manager paul manafort both before and after the election. >> about 100 immigration activists gave house democratic leader nancy pelosi a reception. >> shout. you don't know what you want you are talking about. since you won't listen, we have to shut it down. >> will you rule out questioning the legitimacy of. >> just bumped up maria a
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category 5. next stop is puerto rico, the virgin islands and the dominican republic. >> it appears the emmys anti-trump message forced a record setting number of americans to change the channel. >> so over the top it was unnatural. people are not capable of that much hatred. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hey, front, don't you know ♪ i play guitar ♪ and i play my songs. steve: big and rich is going to be on the telecast later on today. ainsley: how's come i have never heard of that. big time. that's a good song. brian: have you heard this song before. ainsley: i have never heard.
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brian: you love it already? ainsley: i like the way that sounds. brian: so the lyrics take a bang seat to the rhythm and the music? ainsley: sometimes. steve: it's kind of a happy song. it's appropriate. big time. today, donald trump hits the big time. ainsley: first time, right? steve: as president of the united states he will be attending on the east side of manhattan his first united nations general assembly. we already know what the message is it's going to be munga. ainsley: what? >> make united nations great again. that's essentially what he is going to say. brian: is he going to be calling out north korea. is he going to be calling out iran. is he going to be talking about the need to stop the bureaucracy at the united nations and make it great and maybe even bring up the fact that he has a building across the street that's really cool like he did yesterday. ainsley: i know. they need to listen to the united states. they need to listen to this president because we fund 22% of the u.n.'s budget and 28% goes to u.n. peace-keeping missions. we contribute a big portion
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of the budget. there are hundreds -- there are 150 or 160 countries there. steve: 163. ainsley: we fund 22%. almost a fourth. brian: i'm also struck by the fact that he and macron -- this leader is going to show up the leader on the world stage six months ago. they get along fantastic. they talk about how the couples get along. the progress they have made. how the president my emulate the bastille day celebration with the military. benjamin netanyahu says the way you back me mr. president through ambassador haley and israel has never had this type of support before. like we had over the last seven months. steve: we know from candidate donald trump he has always thought that the united nations was mismanaged and it had cheap tile behind the general assembly speaker. always bugged him the 12 by 12 tiles he said. anyway, it will be interesting to see exactly who is going to give the speech today.
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because, when he was an outsider, he blasted the united nations as a bloated mess. as an insider, what's he going to do, here's a preview. >> in recent years the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. while the united nations on a regular budget has increased by 140% and its staff has more than doubled since 2,000. we are not seeing the results in line with this investment. but i know that under the secretary general that's changing and it's changing fast: we commend the secretary general and his call for the united nations to focus more on people and less on bureaucracy. we seek a united nations that regains the trust of the people around the world. steve: do you know what's really interesting about what the president did while there? while he has said the u.n. is a bloated mess and we
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need to completely change the whole thing, he singled out the secretary general and he said he is doing a good job because he needs a partner in reform. even though he is kind of on the outside, the united states is looking in the united nations, he needs somebody on the inside, general assembly guy to help him do exactly what he is interested in doing. brian: when the secretary general did speak do you know what he said? what keeps me up at night, bureaucracy. he is singing the president's tune. 5 minutes after the hour, let's talk about the west coast and one former speaker nancy pelosi. ainsley: nancy pelosi is in san francisco. this is her hometown. she is beloved there, allegedly. all these protesters gather arranged her. steve: for nancy pelosi. ainsley: she was on the other side of the resist movement this time because she this that meeting with the president trying to negotiate. trying to compromise what she feels is best for damascusca. she said they made a deal. the president said that's not true. nevertheless, they had this conversation together. they take pictures together.
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most people would agree that's good for our country, right? coming together? not her protesters. watch this. brian: listen to this. >> do you want to hear an answer or do you want to shout? [chanting] >> do you want to listen or do you want to shout. >> just stop it now. just stop it now. just stop it now. stop it. chanting: you are a liar. >> you are not helping the cause since you don't want to listen, we'll have to just go. you don't want to listen. steve: they were saying you are a liar. she is getting a taste of the medicine that has met a lot of republicans. what's interesting is the fact that i think she thought they were going to turn. she was there with the protesters yelling at her for half an hour. jonah goldberg from the national review says, look,
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exactly what is going on, it's no mystery. listen to this. >> democrats have basically said this guy is literally hitler. they yell at anybody who tries to normalize him. so now the base has created this environment that even if they good a good deal as nancy and chuck did, it infuriates the base of the party which basically says we can't do anything to normalize this guy. brian: there is no way -- i don't care if you agree with everything or nothing she says you should be treating a woman like that or a politician like that when they show up to give a speech. you ask questions. you show a degree of civility. what kind of message is that? this is our next generation? by the way, i don't even know how many in that room are dreamer kids or here illegally, but she is their greatest advocate. ainsley: she is trying to help them. when i watched that video for the first time i thought that's dangerous. i felt like the next thing they were going to do. they were almost as close as they could get. brian: who set that place
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up? ainsley: i don't know. that's so dangerous. they are protesters, they are angry and getting closer and closer to her. i didn't feel safe for her. if this goes on for 30 minutes why did her people allow that to happen? steve: just goes to show you the tenor of protest in this country these days. >> look what's going on in st. louis? look what's going on in georgia. brian: that's a sanctuary state. steve: when you are having a town hall, of the whole idea is to be able to ask your some questions. what got accomplished there other than embarrassing sound bite of nancy pelosi that lasts half an hour. aside from the damage done to her reputation, nobody really got anything done there. brian: my parents snuck in and i was here as a child. now i would like to be given -- i would like to be the first in line to become a citizen ahead of the people from kenya or cuba or denmark that are paying the fee or brazil and trying to get here illegally.
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people's heart goes out to the 800,000. not to those here illegally but to people here who are doing it correctly. and she is going to bat, actually, for the people who did it incorrectly and they are screaming in her face. i hope nancy pelosi says to herself i am now free to act with my conscience. i've been been doing this thing for 40 years. i get that little respect. why don't i do what's best for the country at this point and compromise with a way forward. steve: they should just be saying thank you, miss pelosi. you are doing a deal with donaltrump and we get to stay here. brian: this is saul-time low. some will say florida and texas did not have any power. that's true. they will be weighing in a little bit later but they got an 8.2. as predicted, when you tell 60 or 50% of the country we despise you and the people you vote for and think about, and you basically should not question why the ratings were -- got an 8.2, which is an all-time low.
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ainsley: stephen colbert when he came out he said this will be the largest audience to witness the emmys period,. steve: sean, come on out. ainsley: that is false. the ratings were not good. first reported numbers 8.2 this year. down 2% from last year. so critical of the president. goes back to what happened with nancy pelosi. it's just the anger. as a parent, we are all parents, we are teaching our kids to respect other people. that's what america is about. you can have differing opinions. can you still come together as one country. all this anger -- i don't want to hear that for three hours. steve: sure, ainsley. it's not unexpected anymore. ever since the dixie chicks. it has just gotten bigger and bigger. if it's going to be an awards show of some nature where hollywood elitists speaking off the cuff and ad libbing you know they are going to bash. rush limbaugh said this yesterday on his show it? >> was so over-the-top it
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was not natural. people are not capable of that much hatred. it had to be -- some of it had to be manufactured and the reason it was is because they're talking to each other. they are assuring each other that they are still in the politically correct place to be and that is trump hatred. brian: they are the cool kids that didn't want to hang out with the other kids. but we're at the point now where we don't care what the cool kids are doing. go ahead and party. we are not each knocking at the door anymore. ainsley: guess who is paying their salaries? we are. because we are going to pay their movies. brian: unless you are jennifer lawrence who basically tells anybody who votes for trump don't go see my movie which you have to feel great because no one showed up. steve: love big ratings and looked at that maybe, this is not working for us. ainsley: jillian, last night, sean hannity, i was watching his show. where are the big parties and emmy awards for the workers, the doctors, the miners, who are really
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saving lives. jillian: i say it's better not to be the cool kid. i was always the weird kid. ainsley: you are now. brian: it just doesn't matter. jillian: this does. let's start with a fox news alert. hurricane maria making landfall overnight as a category 5. heavy rains and winds up to 160 miles per hour devastating the caribbean island. the storm still a category 5 now heading toward puerto rico already battered by irma. our own janice dean is busy tracking maria's path. she will have update live in an hour whether or not it will threaten the u.s. two police officers are hurt and three people are under arrest following violent riots at georgia tech overnight. a peaceful vigil end wag cop car on fire and the school telling students to lock themselves indoors. the protesters angry after police shot and killed
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student scott schultz on saturday. >> come on, drop the knife. >> drop it. >> no, drop the knife. jillian: some witnesses claim the rioters were not students. the detroit lions putting a monday night smack down on eli manning and the new york giants. >> four man rush. well protect you had. locks it up. and it's a touchdown for marvin jones. jillian: the return of star receiver o'del beckham jr. was not enough to block the g man lo lost 20 to 10 and sits at the bottom. brian: so much forever a super bowl march. jillian: talk in a couple months. brian: eagles are doing well. jillian: better than the giants. brian: hillary clinton back in the spotlight sitting down for hard-hitting interviews. >> history or mystery, vodka or chardonnay? pilate at as or yoga.
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♪ >> in recent years the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. while the united nations on a regular budget has increased by 140%, we are
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not seeing the results in line with this investment. steve: president donald trump just hours away from formally addressing the united nations general assembly for the first time in his presidency. what should he focus on? here to weigh in ivan eland director for the center on peace and liberty at the independent institute. as you can see he is in our nation's capital. good morning, ivan. >> good morning. steve: hoout on the campaign trail we heard donald trump talk about how the united nations doesn't get much done. it's a bloated mess. is that going to be the message today. >> he was a bit mild on monday when he first spoke about this. he did mention that. but he also mentioned the secretary general's efforts to reform the place. it's going to take a lot to do that because i have done some work up there when i was with congress. and it's a bloated mess and it makes the federal government look efficient. steve: the united states is paying a lot. we pay 25% of the operating
3:19 am
budget. almost 30% of peace keeping. they have doubled their staff since 2,000. what all those people doing? >> the u.n. has gone away from its original collective security mission, which was set up after world war ii by -- well, first fdr during the war and truman afterwards. this was designed to look at the big issues in world security. so you have the big powers agreeing and the security council as we just saw with the north korean sanctions. but they have gone into all sorts of things like providing or preserving world heritage sites. these peace keeping missions which have really gone afoul lately with various peace keeping, doing, you know, monstrous things. i think those could be turned over to regional associations, et cetera. so they have this sprawling organization. this is bureaucratic politics 101.
3:20 am
i mean, you know. your organization tries to increase its budget and increases its function and the united nations has done that. steve: they have indeed. i know you think the president is going to take on north korea and also the country of iran and the deal got there other countries you think he is going to say to them hey, you have got to pick up the pace. have you got to be more self-reliant. you can't depend on the u.n. and us for everything. >> i think in the worse case scenario, one of the big problems with the north koreaible scenario is that if kim jong un got a nuclear weapon he could invade the south korea and then say to the united states well, go ahead and help them because i have got nuclear weapons that can hit los angeles and seattle. so if south korea does more for their own defense, that's a good thing. steve: all right. well, it will be interesting to see what he does have to say. we will be able to watch it here on the fox news channel. ivan, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: 6:20 in new york city. senator bernie sanders wants single pair healthcare that failed at home in his home
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>> thinking about fourth of july, pennsylvania avenue, having a really great parade to show our military strength. brian: let's do it. president trump wants to start a new american tradition, the commander-in-chief telling french president emmanuel macron he was inspired after watching bastille day's parade in france. you know what? have our own parade and invite france. without france we don't win. core ration school promoting
3:25 am
melania trump thousand speak english. just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of english. first lady was born in neighboring slovenia and fluent in five different languages. so aim. i will name them later. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, brian. senator bernie sanders is continuing push for single pair healthcare. >> i have no doubt, none whatsoever, that this nation, sooner than people believe, will in fact pass a medicare for all single pair system. ainsley: but the single pair plan has failed in senator sanders home state. vermont testing all pair model. that rewards doctors and hospitals when patients are healthy. not just when they are sick. so, would it work? is it good for you? we will ask radiologist dr. nicole saphier. good morning, dr. saphier. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: is this a good thing or bad thing. >> i would love to say vermont is starting something novel.
3:26 am
medicare has already rolled out these models. vermont is trying to speed up the process. we are going away from the fee for service. going toward value based medicine. meaning you are paying the organization for keeping patients healthy and giving them an overall lump sum for certain conditions. medicare tried it with knee replacements. instead of paying for preoperative x-rays, post operative x-rays, the surgery. they are giving one lump sum. that is two fold. experts cannot agree on what the correct model is, what we can agree on is bending the cost curve is what is extremely difficult but what is most foreign. my concern is this doesn't necessarily bend the cost curvel. what we will see is we have these large organizations they are eating up the small private practices that may be a good thing or bad thing. some people actually like that a lot of people really prefer the private practice. the small business side of medicine. and so that's a bad thing. from 2012 to 2015, hospitals
3:27 am
acquired over 30,000 physician practices. and that's really changing the shape of healthcare. think of it like the small book. the small bookstores or the small mom and shop marketplaces they can't survive with these large corporations. these large stores. same thing with healthcare. now you will only see large stores. not going to have family physician anymore that you are used to. ainsley: what's happening in vermont you say giving lump sum. big lump sum to the hospital tsd for all their knee replacements, let's say. what does that for the patient? more money for the hospital or easier way to break down the money for the hospital or the doctors. what does it mean for us the patient? >> golt to essentially decrease the premiums for the patient. so long term we may see that their premiums may go down. what we have actually seen in the past, what is happening is perhaps the insurance company is spending less per patient but the hospitals are
3:28 am
actually turning over more patients. they are doing more procedures. because at some point you do have to offset the loss that they're receiving from having less payments. ainsley: won't get a bill for the blood being withdrawn. the anesthesiologist? just one bill. >> potentially. let's not forget. this people have to stay in the hospital because of their own choices when it comes to smoking or, you know, bad vices or keep them in the hospital longer. now, physicians are going to make less money because of people's bad choices as opposed to the insurance companies having losses. it's now going to be put on the physician and hospital systems. ainsley: dr. saphier, thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: a fox news alert, hurricane maria slamming into the caribbean overnight as a monster category 5 storm now. where is it headed next? and the other hurricanes churning in the atlantic there are more unfortunately. janice dean is tracking all of them for us. some would argue those storms prove climate change is the real deal. e.p.a. administrator scott
3:29 am
prosecutpruitt says not so fast. he joins us next. hillary clinton sitting down for hard hitting interviews, listen. >> history or mystery. vodka or shard done nay. pilate tase yoga, shower or bath. ainsley: that wasn't even the most odd questions. wait until you see this ♪ ♪ to most people, i look like most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions.
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you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. you imagine who i am. what i look like. where i live. but look past the things that won't make a difference to find someone who will. search for greatness. search indeed. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. hurricane maria devastating the tiny island called domenica making landfall as a category 5 overnight. steve: a category 5. the monster storm blowing off roofs and flooding homes. the prime minister there saying they have quote, lost all that money can buy. brian: puerto rico and u.s. virgin islands now bracing for the worst as maria heads
3:33 am
their way. janice dean is live in the studio tracking maria's path. where do we see it. janice: unfortunately a category 5. they weakened a little bit as it made its first landfall over domenica. and now it's back to a hurricane 5. hurricane hunters have seen winds in excess of 160 miles per hour. so that's why it's now back to a category 5. we're expecting the potential for a cat 5 or cat 4 to effect the british and u.s. virgin islands as well as puerto rico. puerto rico could potentially take a direct hit from this hurricane and then over espanola and bahamas the next couple of days as a major hurricane. we have hurricane warnings in effect. category 5. the last time we saw two category 5s was back in 2007. and we saw irma just last week as a category 5. future radar shows this devastating storm unfortunately hitting some of the same areas as irma. u.s. virgin islands.
3:34 am
british virgin islands and puerto rico could once again take the worse of the core of the strongest we will have to monitor it. we are five days out. obviously keep an eye on it category 5, that's the highest can you get. very dangerous storm on the horizon for a lot of folks. steve: all right. j.d. thank you very much. brian: looks like john madden describing the 3-4 defense in the 170s. with more major hurricanes like maria on the horizon. liberals blaming climate change. looking for a way to challenge that theory to find out the real impact of these storms, if any. ainsley: this as a new british study finds climate change has s. not as
3:35 am
threatening to our planet as previously thought. steve: here to explain what's going on with the federal government the e.p.a. administrator scott pruitt. >> great new studio. first time i have been in studio. brian: second floor now. can you handle it. >> you are doing great here. steve: tell us how the trump administration is looking do a red team. >> red team, blue team approach as have you indicated is something that puts experts in a room and debate an issue. with this climate change we know certain things. we know climate is always changing. humans contribute to it in some way. to what degree to measure that with precision is very difficult. but what we don't know is we are in a situation where it's an existential threat. is it unsustainable with what we see. have a debate. bring in red team scientists blue team scientists and have a discussion about the importance of this issue so the american people deserve that type of objective, transparent discussion. steve: who are the red team scientists? >> red team scientists are
3:36 am
the ones that don't take for granted that you see across the spectrum that climate is in unsustainable path of existential threat and that humans 99% responsible for that. we need to have a meaningful debate what we are facing as a country and internationally. one of the things that's lost in this discussion. weave in this country have done more to reduce our co 2 footprint than most countries around the globe reduced by 18%. steve: through innovation. >> >> largely through generation of natural gas from electricity. we burn clean coal. japan has 45 what they call ultra critical. super critical coal facilities. we have one. we are doing a really good job as a country trying to advance technology to reduce our co 2 footprint. brian: you would think many would be happy with that many in hollywood aren't. including one stevie wonder
3:37 am
who had a telethon had this to say? >> anyone who thinks that there is no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent. brian: he said anyone who questions that there is global warming must be blind or ignorant. >> yeah. look. no one questions that the climate changes. no one questions. steve: the worlds is getting warmer. >> but that's not the question overall. the question is as we look at this issue, how much do we contribute to it what can we do about it? the whole thing that's lost in this whole debate what tools are in the toolbox. we only have the power that congress gives us through, what, statutes. the clean air act. the past administration tried to regulate co 2. the clean power plant was actually stayed by the supreme court. it power given to us by congress. if you ask those in 1990 that amended the clean air act congressman dingell, he said it would be a glorious mess quote unquote to
3:38 am
regulate ghg under the clean air act. we have to ask what is going on from a sign tink perspective. what do we know and don't we know red team, blue team exercise. go to the next step which is what? what are we empowered to do about it? what tools are in the tool books to address it. ainsley: challenge each other. that's what they're supposed to do. >> for all the world to see. ainsley: climate change poses less of immediate threat. scientists got the model wrong. let's talk about the paris climate agreement. rex tillerson alluded to the fact that he might be changing his mind. is there truth to that? >> the president has been steadfast. the courage it took to stand in the rose garden in june and say to the world that he was going to put america's interests first and not be apologetic to the rest of the world. when you look at the paris agreement. china, india, and russia, what steps did they take to reduce co 2 from that agreement? compare to the united states. as we talked about a minute ago, we are already reducing our co 2. innovations technology. india, no obligations until
3:39 am
they received over $2.5 trillion of money. china, no obligations until the year 2030. so this was not about what reduction. steve: plan to still pull out unless we can renegotiate. >> the president has been consistent. we are going to make sure that we engage internationally. brian: not with that deal. >> not be apologetic what we have done as a country and make sure america's interests are put first. that's very encouraging. took tremendous courage to do that. brian: let me ask you something, in the big picture, we have to still write checks. >> no, that stopped. brian: good, i heard we couldn't pull out right awargets the check, the money stopped in the past creation. the past administration transferred moneys in january right before president trump was inaugurated. that has stopped all together. ainsley: what do you mean by these checks? who were we paying? >> a green climate fund internationally that the united states committed to over 30% of the moneys. so it was quite something and transferred from other accounts. it was -- but that stopped with president trump. steve: all right.
3:40 am
getting answers from the guy at the top. the e.p.a. administrator scott pruitt. brian: you are not running for governor? >> not at all. this is an issue, what we are dealing with in this issue right now, so much optimism across the country. the president is leading annual agenda putting america's interests first and the e.p.a. is at the point of the sphere of making sure that we respect, what, partners across the countries, states, farmers, ranchers and others improving environmental outcomes and improving jobs. brian: great to see you. steve: thank you, sir. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: crashes into city bus. surveillance video showing the collision in new york city. driver of that city bus and two others are dead. more than a dozen people are hurt. some even pinned under the buses. we're now learning the charter bus driver use you had to work for the city but was pulled off the road after being arrested for drunk driving. the cause of the crash is still unknown. abortion is free for
3:41 am
everyone in the state of oregon, including illegal immigrants. governor kate brown holding a signing ceremony for the new law that requires insurance companies to cover the procedure without co-pays or deductibles. it also allocates a half million dollars to cover immigrants that don't qualify under the state wants health plan. hillary clinton refuses to rule out challenging the legitimacy of last year's presidential election. clinton telling npr she is leaving that door open during the investigation into alleged russian interference. but in another interview while promoting new book that clinton may have faced her toughest question yet. putin or trump? [gasps] >> yeah. well, i have to take that under advisement for the following reasons: i ran against both of them.
3:42 am
jillian: hillary's answers to other questions tea or coffee. she went with coffee. beach or mountains she went with beach. steve: there were a number of questions asked. she said she couldn't answer for instance bath or shower, vodka or chardonnay. it all depends on how much time you have. if you have more time you could do one more than the other. ainsley: if her book she said she lived on chardonnay after the losses. brian: i have been taking a bath since i was 9. when was your last bath? steve: this is not that kind of show. ainsley: no, i don't know. do i know when steve took a bath? brian: that's when you took a bath? no adults take baths. ainsley: that's not true. i lo a bath. after four straight days of protest in st. louis over the acquittal of an x cop. demonstrators set to storm the town hall tonight so
3:43 am
what do they want? steve: was president trump right all along? a bombshell report claims former trump campaign chief paul manafort was wiretapped. come on in, judge. what's that mean? he will tell you next on "fox & friends" live from new york city. ♪ ♪ t in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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3:47 am
>> good morning, guys. this is all new to us and it broke last night and there are different versions that we are learning about. one version is that the fbi was surveying paul manafort back in 2014 before i was involved in the campaign. steve: for what? >> good question. if it was a fisa warrant they were listening to his conversations because he was speaking to agents of foreign governments. it may have been perfectly legitimate. he may have been working for them and he reported it or he may not have reported it. then the surveillance kicked up again after he became then mr. donald trump's campaign manager. again, we don't know if it was fisa or regular article 3 judge warrant. and this is a real serious distinction. if the government uses fisa, that's the foreign intelligence surveillance court to get a warrant to listen to you, the threshold for that is very low. brian kilmeade, we have reason to believe is talking to somebody who works for a foreign government.
3:48 am
want to listen to their conversation. we are not interested in kill need, we are interested in the person is he speaking to. the courts grant 9 per 9% of those. if they were interested in the evidence about paul manafort to find out what he knows about donald trump or to find out what he was telling donald trump during the campaign or to use this evidence against him in a criminal prosecution, that kind of a warrant won't do. then they have to go to a federal judgment and present evidence of crimes by him or the people he is speaking to in order to get that warrant. so, were they listening to paul manafort during the campaign in order to find out what donald trump was going to do next in the campaign? and help hillary? were they listening to paul manafort because they thought he had committed a crime? were they listening to paul manafort because they were looking for something with which to tarnish the future president? brian: were they listening to paul manafort in trump tower and does it seem more and more like the president knows something when he came out and had that tweet from mar-a-lago all those months
3:49 am
ago? >> yes. i think the answer to all those questions is yes they were surveying paul manafort while he was in trump tower. which is consistent with allegations donald trump and others have made u. ainsley: about eavesdropping. >> there is below the radar screen here thing here i have got to tell you about. fbi director comey while still the fbi director and admiral mike rogers head of the nsa both told the senate intelligence committee under oath that they knew of no surveillance of donald trump. steve: who is running this operation? >> how could the fbi director not know about this if his own people had brought it about as part of a criminal investigation. ainsley: i heard they were sneaking into his apartment while he was sleeping to put these bugs in. is that true? >> no. they broke into his house while he was still asleep pursuant to a search warrant and raided and took pictures of his clothing, took his checkbooks and everything. extremely aggressive.
3:50 am
brian: by the way every judge segment ends with comey. it's amazing. this guy comes up in every conversation at every party. >> you are right, brian. there is more to be heard. >> thanks. brian: that's why you keep coming back. speak to you talk to us first. >> devastating. brian: coming up straight ahead, nancy pelosi shouted down by the same dreamers she and fellow democrats vowed to protect. >> do you want to hear an answer or do you want to just shout? [chanting] >> do you want to listen or shout. >> all or nothing -- brian: are these the people we should be welcoming into our country? dan bongino next. ainsley: state department spokesperson heather nauert joe manchin and laura ingraham with big news. we are excited to tell you about that. brian: say something nice about joe manchin.
3:51 am
ainsley: joe manchin is a nice guy. we have him on a lot. brian: thank you. that's all i needed ♪ in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. itthe power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently.
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brine brian all right. the acquittal of a excop and death of a black man back in 2011 spurring days of violence and riots in st. louis because his case finally came to trial. tonight, protesters plan on storming a town hall hosted by the mayor with a long list of demands. listen. >> we're going to first demand that police stop killing black people. we don't need words anymore. brian: here to react is the host of the blaze lawrence jones. lawrence, you have been watching this unfold as i have since friday. it was anticipated when this verdict was due on friday. what stands out for you? >> well, the first thing that stands out to me is
3:55 am
that the obama administration doj which are normally would rush to judgment. iin and this case happened before the mike brown incident and they decided not to take this case because there was so much doubt. you know me, brian, i call it like i see it. when i feel like there is injustice i will speak out against it. in this case there is too much doubt. that's why the obama administration, the doj didn't get involved. this is why this judge made his ruling. and you can feel how you want about the case. but at the end of the day, it's about what can you prove in court. and that's what happened in this case. brian: right. you had a white cop on camera, knows that, you know, with his body cam, it picked up his audio saying when i watch up to this guy i'm going to kill him. he catches up to him and kills him. prior to that the guy almost ran over with him. he had a gun. said he planted the gun. there is no proof of that. back to st. louis again. that city that needs so much is focusing on this.
3:56 am
>> well, the city is still repairing itself from back during the mike brown decision. i was down there. a lot of people making comments on this program about this. and saying that they -- you know, the protests are warranted. they don't know what they are talking about. they weren't in the city which things happened. and, you know, this communities is still rebuilding itself from the mike brown incident. it's a tragedy that's happening down there in st. louis. brian: tim scott came out as a republican, african-american. he said there -- he has been stopped a lot. even in washington. do you feel there is a double standard with blacks and whites when it comes to police officers? >> there is definitely something happening between the community and the police. i know i have had experiences with the police. but that's not all, you know, that's not every cop in this country. and i believe we need to have a national conversation concerning the relationship between the black community and the police. but we can't make broad judgments on all law enforcement. it could be just 10%. we don't know. brian: lawrence jones, we will continue to talk to you about this because these
3:57 am
protests aren't going away. thanks. >> thanks, brian. brian: they are country music super stars, big and rich here next. what can we expect from president trump at the u.n. today. our friend heather nauert has a preview you will not get anywhere else. i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder, or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,
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steve: as president of the united states his first united nations general assembly. we already know what the message is. it's going to be munga. make united nations great again. >> it's going to take a lot to do that because it's a bloated mess and it makes the federal government look efficient. >> a new report says former trump campaign manager paul manafort was wiretapped by the obama administration. >> they were surveying paul manafort while he was in trump tower, which is absolutely consistent with allegations that donald trump and others have made. >> janice: just bumped up maria in the last few moments a category 5. >> no one questions that the climate changes. the question is what can we do about it? we in this country have done more to reduce our co 2
4:01 am
footprint chance most countries around the globe. brian: hillary clinton back in the spotlight sitting down for hard hitting interviews. >> history or mystery. chardonnay or. showers or bath? ♪ ♪ ♪ a little moon shine ♪ and we're coming ♪ to your city ♪ ainsley: that's appropriate. doesn't that remind you of football? that's like the football was it last year or two years ago? steve: right. it's the perfect song because they are talking about the city talking about world leaders the united nations general assembly. it's day two. and that's why our old buddy, heather nauert once upon a time did the headlines now she is in the headlines. >> hardly.
4:02 am
brian: great to see you heather. >> good morning. thanks for having me. brian: let me ask you the question. what's the biggest change like what was the hardest adjustment from news anchor to spokesperson? >> i guess probably doing the deep dives into all of the issues. when you are working in news, you know the issues. you know all the policies. but when you really start to have to do a deep dive and be able to explain to the entire world, that's -- brian: i see you walking out with a loose leaf. she is going six pages into an issue and they are asking you about the sixth page. >> you are being end could. my book as every administration has a book like this is this thick because it literally covers the entire world. steve: explain what is in that book. say somebody asks you a question about sierra leone do go to that page. >> i have a tab for many of the different countries and issues that will come up. i have a tab for burrma. i have a tab for the south china sea. you name it i have it covered. ainsley: aren't you learning to much? you are seeing the world.
4:03 am
>> i have. it's so much fun. true heroin to work for the state department. represent this administration and the american people and 75,000 people who work for us. that's a lot. brian: still watch you do live television. >> thank you. brian: unscripted. heather: speaking today for the first time as the before the united states. >> big deal. ainsley: he wants to make the un great again. what can we expect today? >> a couple things. i think the approach the president is going to take will be a principled realism. where we take a clear-eyed look at the world but still promote american values, including democracy, human rights, all of those things that we as americans embody and show the world every single day. so that's part of it. another piece of this will be sovereignty. promoting strong countries. we want strong countries. strong allies so that we can fight the battles for the future. and when i say fight, i don't mean militarily, i mean diplomatically. so we can have strong countries. ainsley, you brought up the issue of venezuela. we have seen tremendous
4:04 am
erosion of democracy in venezuela. as the president of that country and his cronies have tried to usurp so much power from democratically elected, they now have this constituent assembly. we call it illegitimate constituent assembly. it's something that president madeira came in and clawed away and gave it to political cronies. we want to see that change and the vice president has been great at that too. steve: when he was running for president and take aim at that big building on the east side of manhattan and say they are ineffective. they have got way too many people. it's a bloated bureaucracy. how much of that guy will we hear today? >> we heard the president speak about that yesterday. and he applauded the united nations for taking steps to reform itself. they also recognize, as do the member states, that they have reforms that need to be made. make the united nations far more about helping people and far less about a bloated bureaucracy. so they are starting to make those changes. ambassador nikki haley has been a phenomenal person at
4:05 am
the united nations in calling for u.n. reforms. one of the issues we used to talk about here a lot was anti-israel bias on the part of member states. nikki haley has called out those countries and trying to make those changes. brian: i understanding there is two countries get a lot of emphasis. iran and north korea. the word is from the administration this president spent an enormous amount of time crafting and fine tuning this address and when it comes to iran, he is going to address the iranian people. i guess in his mind he remembers they rose up and we did nothing six years ago or 8 years ago. >> our issue with iran is not with the people of iran. the people of iran like the united states, they would like to see democracy over there. our issue is with the leader. our leader issue with is the irgc. so many destabilizing factors. when there are bad things going on in the recalled recalled often iran finds its way involved in that. ainsley: and north korea.
4:06 am
brian: what about that agreement. where does secretary of state rex tillerson stand? i heard he believes they violated the spirit of the agreement. >> so you are talking about the iran nuclear deal, which was constructed under the previous administration. and that only deals with one part of iran's stabilizing activities. that only deals with the nuclear exon nenget as we have talked about a lot here in the past, all the bad things that the iranian regime is involved with. harassing our sailors. arming hezbollah, causing problems in yemen where they are facing a famine. so many people have died there as a result of that. and not to mention syria as well. so, what the president would like to do as secretary tillerson does as well, is take an overall look at iran and the totality of its destabilizing activities in the world. not just the nuclear piece. steve: when do you talk nuclear we are all worrying about what's going on in north korea. general mattis made it very clear the military option still on the table unlike previous administrations where we are going to take this off the table and this,
4:07 am
and this, and this. it's still right. >> there you have to have all options on the table. that's one thing i have learned during my time at the state department all options have to be on the table. three pieces to this one the diplomatic approach the diplomacy is always the preferred approach. secretary tillerson is working hard on that. he meets with leaders all around the world from the most random countries you never think of. steve: really one kin tri. china has got to do more to squeeze them. brian: and russia. >> china and russia both supported the last two u.n. security council resolutions that helped squeeze the money out of north korea. we know the money that goes to north korea ends up going to missile and ballistic missile program. part of the strategy is to ask other countries to do their part to kick out north korean guest workers to. shrink the size of the footprint that north korean people have in their country. because that helps starve the money from them as well. we are working on that diplomacy preferred
4:08 am
approach. brian: i heard that china evidently has this unique rocket fuel that turned up in north korea. and was that part of a conversation the president had yesterday with the chinese leader and the one the secretary of state might have had earlier? >> so i saw that report. i mean, i just can't confirm any of that piece of it what you are talking about rocket fuel. i know the president spoke with examine the xi. brian: over an hour. >> is he looking forward to a trip to visit china. they have had four important dialogues or set to hold four important dialogues. we are cooperating with the chinese and asking them to do more in north korea. they supported that u.n. resolution. they recognize the threat. steve: there have been a couple of stories in the last month or so, heather, about your boss, rex tillerson, maybe he and the president, the relationship was a little rocky. i think i saw a "newsweek" headline about the chaos at the state department. what's going on? >> so, okay. and i'm glad you asked me that question. secretary tillerson and the president have a strong, strong relationship. they discuss all of these issues of foreign policy.
4:09 am
sometimes the secretary tillerson will provide a different approach. a different viewpoint. but that's exactly what the president wants and needs. that's what he expects from this administration. people who will argue for different sides of things and he is an very effective leader secretary tillerson. brian: how lean is your organization? i heard the deputies and under secretary have not been approved or named. >> we are forging ahead with the number of people. we have a bunch of people in the pipeline. a bunch of ambassadors. sent a secretary and all of that i can assure you that the work is still going on. i'm so proud to work alongside the civil servants. the so-called obama holdovers that people talk about. many of them, by the way, are reagan holdovers. they are fantastic. they are the biggest group of patriots, aside from y'all, that i have worked with and it's such a pleasure and honor to work with them. honorable nest to goodness, the work is getting done. it is taking place. we are working -- brian: not helping you though, right? >> we need to get more people through. that is without a doubt. we need to get more people
4:10 am
through. our preference would be that it happens faster. but we're working to make that happen. i can tell you personally getting through all the ethics stuff, getting through your financial disclosure is a pain in the neck. you know how long i was out as i was going through that remember? steve: they were looking at that top line wait, you worked at the fox news channel? brian: hard to get passed that top line. >> we are pushing ahead. ainsley: what's your response? i was watching ambassador bolton. he said he was more surprised nikki haley was more in the spot line than rex tillerson. >> i don't know that that is the case. i have seen some media outlets certainly report that this is nikki haley's week -- it's the president's week but nikki haley is the u.n. ambassador. she has set up a fantastic stage for us. she and secretary tillerson work very well together. they are both effective strong leaders. we are really lucky to have both of them. >> brian: it could be a big week for us, too. we don't know. ainsley: we wonder that, too. why is brian on tv more than we are.
4:11 am
steve: do you miss getting up at 2:30 in the morning. >> absolutely not. brian: miss getting up at 4:00? >> absolutely not. >> great to see you guys. i have missed you all's. ainsley: any time. >> i would love, to thank you. steve: it's 7:11 in new york city. jillian has the news. brian: don't do it. jillian: we do want to start with a fox news alert right now. hurricane maria making landfall overnight as a category 5 storage battering the island of domenica. >> heavy rains and winds up to 160 miles per hour devastating the caribbean island. the storm still a category 5 now heading towards puerto rico. already battered by irma. janice dean is tracking maria's path. she will have a live upghat a half hour. stay tuned for that manual hunt intensifying this morning for two armed and dangerous inmates. including a convicted killer. 41-year-old james sanders
4:12 am
and 22-year-old ryan young breaking out of mississippi's largest prison. sanders here on the left was serving life behind bars for murder. officials don't know how they became armed or how they escaped but say it happened between late sunday and early monday. today top navy officials will be grilled on the hill following a string of deadly collisions at sea. navy secretary richard spencer and chief of naval operations admiral john richardson both expected to testify before the senate armed services committee. this year 17 sailors were killed in incidents involving the uss john mccain and uss fitzgerald. just yesterday the navy relieved two more cop commanders in connection with the crashes. well, this proves that no one is above the law. not even alligators. watch. >> you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. you have the right -- jillian: police in lakeland, florida arresting the gator
4:13 am
and reading miranda rights. the homeowner called the cops after finding it wandering around their yard. what would you think about that if you were to find something like that. brian: i would take it on. i have a history of that. i'm very successful. at the villages i saved the whole villages. steve: brian, the gator was that big. brian: big gator but mouth was shut. steve: all right. thank you. ainsley: jump just sat down with dr. oz to tell him something she has never told anyone about her past. coming up. brian: nancy pelosi shut down by dreamers she and her fellow democrats are trying to protect. >> do you want an answer or do you just want to shout? [shouting] brian: i guess they don't want to listen is that any way to earn a u.s. citizenship? dan bongino fired up about this. he is coming up straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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4:18 am
democracy. steve: president trump holding a working dinner with latin american leaders last night talking about the crisis in venezuela and trade around the world. ainsley: mexican president who will leave office actually next year was nowhere in sight. so here to weigh in on this is former trump hispanic advisory member steve cortez. hey, steve, great to see you again. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: what do you think about the president not being there. >> he is on his way out of office. that might partially explain it more importantly rather than talk about who wasn't there. let's talk about who was there. president trump, i think, has been so impressive for a man who has no experience before this in politics no. experience in diplomacy. he has shown himself to be quite the diplomat already. we saw this on this three-point saudi arabia. going to be going to china in november. certainly what he is doing right now in this city in new york. gathering these latin american leaders to discuss criminal problems, most particularly venezuela which has become not just a
4:19 am
political disaster but frankly humanitarian disaster. steve: what the president apparently has been pushing is the idea of democracy in venezuela which is very foreign to them. >> right. it's such a shame, steve. here we have a country once wealthy. a country blessed with crude oil. we get the united states currently 10% of our crude we consume from venezuela. a country that should be doing well. venezuela, by the way, i would say to those on the left, those who want the united states to creep towards socialism, venezuela sadly is the poster boy for exactly what we don't want to become. there is actually a hunger right now in venezuela it's sad but that is the end game of socialism. it just is. ainsley: do you think we should step in there was an article that alluded to the president saying if this dictator doesn't step down or if he doesn't change what's happening there in venezuela that we should step in. do you think we should. >> not militarily. i don't think we have a strategic military interest there although president trump has said that's not off the table necessarily. but perhaps more aggressive in terms of sanctions, particularly exporting of oil. what i think the president
4:20 am
was doing most of all last night and what my sources tell me was doing more than anything was trying to gather support from the other latin american leaders, colombia, peru, panama all have great relationships with the united states, perhaps to get their support for potentially an embargo on oil exports from venezuela so that they don't want the other latin american countries right now we may need to take that step, madeira, the leader there unfortunately solid a tyrant. is he a dictator covering human suffering on a scale almost unmanageable. taking part in the festivities over at the general election one day in. this is a president we know this from his time in office his space is phrenetic. this is what you get when you have an entrepreneur in office. bailedder of building and companies and now of collisions and programs not help just the people of the united states but in fact the people of the memo miss
4:21 am
fear. steve: big speech is live today. you will see it here on this channel. ainsley: jump just sat down ivanka trump just sat down with dr. oz. you will see the interview next. with safelite autoglass, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. i'm micah with safelite. customer: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care. kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. for mom, the nation's largest senior living referral service. for the past five years, i've spoken with hundreds of families and visited senior care communities around the country and i've got to tell you, today's senior livingnd communities are better than tever.ou, today's senior living communities are better than ever. these days, there are amazing amenities like movie theaters,
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. steve: 7:24 in new york city. now it's time forever news by the numbers. first, 6, that's the number of dreamers suing the trump administration over the end of the daca program. the suit accuses the administration of being biased against hispanics, despite giving congress six months to fix the daca program. never mind that part. next, 700 billion, that's the price tag on the defense budget just u.s. senate. backs up president trump's call for bigger, strongser, u.s. military. the bill includes more money for missile defenses and pay raise for our troops.
4:25 am
that's great. and finally 250. that's how many new words are being added to miriam webster's dictionary. some examples include alt right. troll, sriracha and froyo. ainsley: she is one of the most famous women who seem to have it all. ivanka trump making a stunning revelation. >> with each of my three children i had some level of post par item. >> post par item? >> depression. it was a very challenging, emotional time for me. because i felt like i was not living up to my potential as a parent or as an entrepreneur and an executive. and i had had such easy pregnancies, that in some way the juxtaposition hit me even harder. brian: wow. that's not all she had to say. joining us with more from that explosive interview he
4:26 am
recorded last night will air on thursday. the host of the dr. oz show dr. oz. dr. oz, welcome back. ainsley: good for her for admitting that because some women struggle with that. >> that's exactly what i said. she came out to talk about working families and she is passionate. see what they could. her way of saying listen, i get it. there are a lot of women out there who can't just go back to work a day or two after we have a baby. we are the only developed country she informed me and she is right that doesn't have a paid leave program. that's important because later in the show when i had her hold a brain which i had to do, it's a health show. and just the brain doesn't grow if you don't nurture a young child. we take away a mother from a young child because they can't get pay or can't hold on to their job without going back to work. brian: a lot of companies do. >> if you make more than $100,000 salary in america you probably have paid leave. if you make less 6% of the
4:27 am
women get paid leave. i'm not arguing for a year off and i don't think she would either. i do think giving folk as couple weeks after they have baby supporting them. ainsley: i have had a baby. i was not ready to come back. maybe like three months i was finally recovered where i felt i could come back. i still needed that extra month. i took four months off. some of these companies especially in our industry where they feel like they need to come back immediately. they took like three weeks, four weeks. >> you are clearly a successful woman. able to be on this great program. ivanka said the same thing. everywhere thinks i have it all together. i had a problem. i couldn't have done it how do we expect other mothers who have problems to go back. it's part of what needs to happen for working families in america. i treasure the fact she put herself on the line. powerful in it and puts herself on the line i get it, i have been there. steve: one of the other things you have talked to her about is she has introduced some interesting
4:28 am
moderate ideas into this particular administration. here she is talking with you about her relationship with her father. watch this. >> there are some who create a native that you should be a voice of moderation. how do you respond to that expectation? >> i think my role and anyone who works for the president of the united states their role is continue to form, advise, and then ultimately execute. so i'm not the decisionmaker. i have my views and i share them candidly. and as a daughter i have the latitude to do that. i respect the process that my father is now president. and the american people elected him based on his agenda. my job isn't to undermine that agenda. brian: took a breath and makes me think that she -- it is getting to her a little, that criticism is getting to her a little. >> i don't think so. i got to say. i asked several times about the reality that it's hard to be criticized all the time. maybe for things you are not
4:29 am
really responsible for. i think she spent a lot of time figuring out. this what life is going to be like for her. this is how she is going to sacrifice to help the country. not everything around her and the administration is going to be positive. there are going to be time unfair criticisms. that's not what her task is going to be. her task is going to be to push for an agenda that she cares about. she over and over came back to the reality that if she can get working families, particularly women, working in science. we call them wonder women. women equal pay. women get time off to take care of their kids or sick relatives, then she is actually doing her job. what she was saying is very interesting if you think about it she may not agree what's going down. the president was elected to do what he believes folks want him to get done. her job is not to criticize. it's to execute. she is the middle child. she is usually the con sill yart. she will get her brothers together and her dad and go in there and say listen, can we just talk about this? she has that opportunity.
4:30 am
that's going to happen behind the scenes. steve: when she and jarrett andd were first named advisors. every six months they would decide whether to continue another six months. are you of the opinion that they're thinking, you know what? maybe we are going to go all four years? >> i think they could do it. whether they want to do it is a separate issue. i asked her about having dual income family. she said we are not actually dual income. we not taking salaries. biggest issue for them is going to be the continuing barrage of criticism. steve: it's 'nonstop. >> the pain for probably anybody, forget about politics if you have pain for a few months you get used to the pain. unless you elevate the pain. she is clear she sees this as service to the country. steve: for the greater good. >> she has that mantra and stop taking it personally. hard for anybody to do. ainsley: after a while won't
4:31 am
our country get sick of the negativity? you can't watch mainstream media "even harvard did a study on this the first 100 days of the presidency. they said that most of the mainstream media outlets were so negative towards him, most of the stories. when do we get to the point in our country we can't do. this even from the medical standpoint like enough of the anger? >> it's detrimental to our population. i show some data polled for us looking at stress levels in america, 57% of the women feel stresses above what they can deal with. it's major influence and not a good one for our country. brian: also have the opioid epidemic. that's important thing. governor christie was here to talk about that. >> i talk about the opioid epidemic. the real story is hypocrisy around medical marijuana. people think it is a gateway drug to narcotics. may be the exit drug around the epidemic. we are not allowed to schedule it because it's a schedule 1 drug. i personally believe it could help. steve: i haven't heard that before. check out interview with
4:32 am
ivanka tomorrow on the dr. oz show. >> thursday. brian: thanks, dr. oz. great to see you. nancy pelosi southed down by her own constituents, the dreamers. fellow democrats trying to protect those people and give them citizenship. why are they yelling at her? ♪ it's like nothing you've seen. the power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently.
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is a temporary burning sensation. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose®. savings card holders pay as little as $0 for three bottles. start saving today at ♪ ainsley: hurricane maria now a category 5, devastating the tiny island of domenica overnight. janice dean is tracking it all for us. janice? janice: unfortunately another category 5 making a beeline for puerto rico as well as the british and u.s. virgin islands. so there's the track. we get a new track by the way at 8:00 with the cord nantz on this. then we think it's going to move east of the bawments. of course watching puerto rico as we could see a direct impact of upwards of 2 feet of rain. certainly 9 to 11-foot storm surge could inundate this small area. these small islands. east of the bahamas by the weekend.
4:36 am
taking a look at both models, the gfs and the euro. the euro has it curving out to sea. the gfs has it close to obviously the mid-atlantic. so something we will have to watch in the numbers couple of days. back to you. steve: thank you very much. bring in dan bongino secret service agent. officer and author of protecting the president inside accounts of troubled secret service in an area of evolving threats which comes out today. we were just watching janice talk about the hurricanes. you probably just took your shutters down from irma. >> it's like 8 hour endeavor to do that to get them down. they may go right back up if that thing turns to the west god forbid. brian: i was outraged by this, what happened in san francisco. we wanted to get your take on this. a bunch of looked likes dreamers or illegals showed up and they started shouting at nancy pelosi who wanted to the brief them on what her meeting with the president was like. she also had prepared remarks. after 30 minutes she finally
4:37 am
gave up. listen. >> do you want to hear an answer or do you want to just shout? [shouting] >> do you want to listen or just shout. just stop it now. just stop it now. just stop it now. stop it. [shouting: you are a liar. >> you are not helping the cause. since you don't want to listen, we'll have to just go. brian: worse security situation i have ever seen in my life. do you think that's appropriate? >> this is incredible. part of -- part of us want -- if you watch that you almost semi sympathize with nancy pelosi and until you wake up in the real world until you realize she brought this on herself. she said you are not helping the situation. the democrats are the situation.
4:38 am
and i'm not talking about the guy from the jersey shore. they are the situation here. they are the ones who created this problem. they are the ones who opened up the door for people who came here illegally into the country to get citizenship and to get work permits and then to give that benefit to the children of people who came here illegally. what part of illegal do you not understanding? this has to be the dumbest political strategy of all time. i mean, have you an ally in nancy pelosi and you totally alienate her and potentially the rest of your democrat friends by doing. this just silly. ainsley: do you know what strikes me in this? nancy pelosi, a lot of her viewers might not agree with her. you might not agree with her, dan, i do feel sorry for her in that situation, bowers they are all approaching her. i was worried about her safety. she is meeting with the president to try to work something out for the dreamers. so she references them some. the president was saying he is considering, quote, you know, sending them back home to where their parents are from. she is in the white house fighting for them and now they are angry at her?
4:39 am
>> you know, ainsley, i agree and i get it from a security perspective you are right that that's absolutely a nonpartisan issue. no one wishes anyone to be put in a situation like that. regardless of your ideology. i can't emphasize this enough to the viewers out there that, you know, the people on the radical far left, their push for these types of programs. evaporation of the u.s. border. devaluation of citizenship. they are just going to push for more and more and more. they don't think like we do. they think in terms of pushing the window farther and farther to the left. they don't think in terms of reasonableness. by opening the door, the democrats created this problem. they should have shut it down and said citizenship means something. end of story it's not a partisan issue. brian: signs that said 11 million. that wasn't daca. that was the 11 million here illegally. they wants instant citizenship over everybody else that's been waiting in line and paying the fees. >> right. combine that with chain migration and have you geometrically growing expanding number of people who have a claim on u.s. citizenship in the country
4:40 am
who don't even live here. it can't work. the math doesn't work. steve: there is the other angle and that is it looks like they are trying to do a deal the democrats and republicans on daca. yet, apparently her constituency there that was in attendance, they are not interested in a deal being done? ainsley: right. brian: they are not dreamers. they are just illegals. >> that's funny. sometimes when trump does something really good they will say he is playing four ghen shall chess. this is like one dimensional checkers. what kind of strategy is this? you show up, knowing this is going to make a national cable audience and you embarrass yourself and scream the woman down and make her look like sympathetic figure? ridiculous. a dumb strategy all around. ainsley: dan, tell us about your book that comes out today. we have a picture. troubled secret service in an ear wrath evolving threats. >> thanks, ainsley. i appreciate it i have written a few books. this is the most important book i have ever read. i have been holding on to
4:41 am
this book for a long time. the secret service is in big trouble. it's not the men and women either, the agents that are cawgdz the problems. it's been broken by politicians. hillary clinton being one of them by the wave which i document in the book. and the secret service has to be fixed or someone is going to get hurt or even worse. we can't mess around with this. this isn't a partisan issue. barack obama, george bush, donald trump. they deserve to act like the president not worry about their safety. the secret service is in big trouble. i felt the need to write this book to kind of expose the problems hoping they can change and fix this before we're dealing with another fence jumper incident. brian: you did it you would know. steve: before you go, what is the one thing they could do to fix the secret service? >> well, they can stop focusing so much on the color, race, creed, and sexual preference of the agents in front of the president and worried about people who actually have the capacity to protect the president. they are obsessed with diversity initiative and putting the president in danger by doing that. ainsley: i love the cover. i can just see it when we walk through the airport
4:42 am
it's going to be up there next to brian's book. brian: in a book. >> if it sells as well as brian's book i will be happy. brian: i wrote on the exact same topic so we'll be in bottle. thanks so much. steve: the book is called "protecting the president." republicans on capitol hill rallying on an effort to repeal and replace obamacare. it could be their last chance to git-r-done. is it last chance? we will talk to the senator from the great state of west virginia joe manchin. is he coming up next. ainsley: they are country music super stars. they have a big album big and rich here live ♪ save a horse ♪ ride a cowboy. ♪ ["love is all around" by joan jett & the blackhearts] ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile? ♪ ♪ who can take a nothing day, ♪
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4:46 am
brian: g.o.p. lawmakers rallying behind new effort save chances of repealing healthcare once and for all. >> i am encouraging every senator to vote for graham-cassidy because it is our best last chance to get repeal and replace done. brian: but does it really have a chance of passing in the senate? here to weigh in is democratic senator joe manchin, one of the most sensible senators, lawmakers in washington. senator, have you been won over by two people you know you like senator graham and senator cassidy? >> well, they are both my friends as you know and we have been talking for quite some time. i gave bill our concerns way back. bill cassidy our concerns way back when maybe two or three months ago when we started talking. everyone is looking for a pathway to improve things. i said bill, on this with the budget constraints that every state has right now, especially west virginia and you put that into their hands and say i'm going to give you one slug of money which as a former governor sounds good i have total control. we are looking for waiver provisions. also we have seen under
4:47 am
affordable care act, obamacare, whatever you want to call it, done something on insurance. mike pence's state, vice president's state of indiana did something great on the expansion how they controlled that we think there are some things we can do to repair it i have looked at it, brian. i'm just hoping that patty murray and lamar alexander is able to find a pathway forward. i really am. brian: just to give people an idea what could be coming our way, block grant obama administration subsidies and medicaid expansion to the states. repeal obamacare individual and employer mandates which are killing small business in many respects. repeal the obamacare medical device tax which is very unpopular even with you. strengthen the ability for states to waive obamacare regulations and protect patients with preexisting conditions. now, when you look at that you say it's not there. do you believe it can get there in a timely fashion? >> well, everybody is working under the time line of the budget reckon sellation get a minimum of 51 votes.
4:48 am
simple majority vote. that's the time line that the republican, my colleague and friends on the republican side are dealing with. if there was something that i thought was better that gave me a pathway to really get west virginians healthier and take care of what their needs are right now, i would be looking at it any way possible and i have done that i just don't see that pathway and you the graham-cassidy bill. i see a pathway under the pill that we have before us, the affordable care act if we rework that bill. and if democrats are willing to work with republicans, it's a give and take proposition. have you got to hold people accountable and responsible. you can't give cart blanche to 20 million people. they don't know how to use it responsibilities you are going to have. you can't take the most sickly people in your state or in your country and say we are going to book them with everyone else that's healthier and have a rate that you can afford. we have to have reinsurance. alaska has done a good job. there are models that work. brian: word is senator mccaskill is considering it
4:49 am
senator collins is considering it senator rand paul is out. and senator mccain's relationship with senator graham might put him in play. and we will find out maybe if we are going to vote on something without a cbo score. have you something else on the docket for you. you are going to have a chance to talk to abby's dad jon huntsman about being the next ambassador to russia. personally, i can't picture a better pick. you have to give this guy a green light and put him through, right? >> not only do i have to give him a green light, it's my pleasure to give jon huntsman the green light. it's also my pleasure to introduce him to my colleagues today on when his confirmation comes up. i get to be one of the senators mike lee from utah and former governor of jon i have developed a relationship that goes back when we first became governors in 2004 when we were elected. we have been best friends ever since. the families and abby i have known for a long time. the bottom line with jon huntsman is this. you are not going to find a more consummate professional. the person who is everything
4:50 am
about patriotism for our country. and to have the super diplomacy, diplomatic skills. i have said, this being a super power is more than having super military might. you have to have super duper diplomatic skills. jon is the best of the best. and the relationships that we have with russia, you have to have a rapport with this country. have you to be able to set down in an intelligent, professional manner and forge a pathway forward. there is one person i know that can do it is jon huntsman. brian: i think he has a strong relationship with the president and going in to russia, one of the most controversial and challenging countries on the map outside of china where he was with president obama for ambassador. governor, -- senator, excuse me, senator manchin. >> that's okay. thanks so much. brian: very curious to see what happens today. >> i'm shooting for jon to get unanimous consent. not one opposition there is not a better person. brian: good. make sure your democrats go along with that. >> don't you worry. i will work them hard.
4:51 am
brian: senator, thank you. coming up next, laura ingraham has a brand new show and big and rich won't be on it right away but eventually i'm sure they will be. i can't wait to get the details from both those people ♪ save a horse ♪ ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. can make anyone slow downt and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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4:54 am
♪ steve: fresh off their tour across the country in honor of our military families and first responders big and rich joining us live. [cheers] steve: only two in this building wearing hats. ainsley: when we were showing that video you said gosh that was fun. what were you thinking about. >> what a day that was. you can't imagine. here we were, we had just gotten a record deal and coming up to shoot a video.
4:55 am
what do you want to do. >> okay. we want marching bands. we want a parade. we wants lots of dancing girls. cheerleaders. fireworks. >> anything we can get away with. steve: were you shocked that everyone showed up? >> oh, golly. >> no. because we did it for the party. we always do it for the party. man, our music is so much fun and continues to be an absolute blast everywhere we go. steve: this past weekend you were at the folds of honor. why do you so much for the first responders and our military. >> for other vurens, i guess i'm wearing it right here. freedom. the reason john and i get to get on the stage everywhere we go our fathers uncles brothers our grandfather's, cousins. all these people have put out so much for so long. first responders easy to see. 45,000 police officers just in this city here. they are standing everywhere to make sure that everything and everybody is safe. >> without them there is no concert.
4:56 am
there is nothing. ainsley: the curvey couch though we call it, it reminds me how great america is and what it stands for. we have been watching and talking about it all these celebrities bashing our president, bashing our country over and over and over. last night sean hannity said on his show do you know what we need to have? we need to have a big ceremony for the people who are the hard workers, the miners, the people getting their hands dirty. steve: teachers. ainsley: represent that. >> our kind of people. that's why we are here to represent the party party. >> starting our own organization. >> the party party. ryan brian what do you stand for. >> stand for getting everyone together and having a cocktail. in cheerscocktail. [cheers and applause] >> i would like to put this word out to the president now that i'm putting my name in the ring for head of the liquor cabinet. i will be confirmed white house mr. putin, vodka. >> u.s. ambassador of entertainment worldwide.
4:57 am
brian: america has another wish that you would come back a little bit later and play california off your new album. >> just for you. ainsley: brian will make you famous. >> "fox & friends" um-huh ♪ "fox & friends" um-huh americans,
4:58 am
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steve: president of the united states first united nations general assembly. and we already know what the message is. >> make the united nations far more about helping people and far less about a bloated bureaucracy. >> paul manafort was wiretapped by the obama administration. >> which is absolutely consistent with allegations that donald trump and others have made. >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> you almost semi sympathize with nancy pelosi until you wake up in the real world, and you realize they're the ones who created this problem. >> would you completely rule out questioning the let's just of this? >> no, i wouldn't rule it out. >> just bumped up maria.
5:01 am
a category 5. >> breaking overnight, toys r us filing for bankruptcy. brian: let's talk about the emmys. something most of you didn't watch and according to the ratings, this was an all-time low. >> it was so over the top, it's unnatural. people are not capable of that much hatred. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> how many can they do? steve: let's sit on this for a while. brian: get ready for a big concert. back in the '60s, they would do something different to get ready for a concert.
5:02 am
but now. steve: what would they do in the '60s? brian: i don't know i've seen a black-and-white video. steve: big and rich are going to be doing a little thing and dancing at the conclusion of this hour. they're going to pause because they're completely winded. ainsley: that song. ten years for college football. if you watch college football like we do in our house, that's the song where they introduce the teams every saturday. steve: and that's what we're using to introduce laura ingram. she has a new show starting october 30th, the ingram angle is going to be about what, laura? >> well, is it a right angle, an acute angle. let's hope it's not an obtuse angle. ainsley: you could even wear a halloween costume because it is october 30th. >> oh, wouldn't that be terrifying? we're looking forward to it. we're going to have a lot of fun. i intend to work really hard for the fox viewers, and it's
5:03 am
a great privilege. it really is. i've been blessed for 16 years to talk to my listeners every day on the radio, and i'm going to still be with them every morning. but in the evening, we're going to have a chance to talk about the issues that i think our country is really in turmoil about and also a lot of the good stuff that is happening that we sometimes overlook and the culture and in politics. so new voices. new experience. we're looking forward to it. steve: well, i tell you what. if you're doing the show today, undoubtedly you would be talking about the united nations general assembly. the president of the united states is going to make his address. we've talked about how the un is inefficient, and it's bloated, what's he going to say as the president now? suddenly the outsider is the insider. >> i think what happened when he went to europe for his first big trip to europe when he urged our allies to contribute more financially to nato and to their own military, to their own peace keeping and defense, and he
5:04 am
did that people were shocked how could you say that. but it was well received. we're $20 trillion in debt. we're going to support our allies, we're going to defend them, but we ask them that they actually have been their fair share. i think he's going to take that same attitude if this speech today at the united nations. we're there, we're part of the world community of nations. but if america ceases to be strong, then we're not going to be much good to anybody. so a strong america is essential for a peaceful world. an america that weakens year after year with economic wage or flat lining wages is ultimately not going to be an america that's a force for good. you'll see countries like china fill that vacuum. there is a lot of waste at the un. i think he'll hit that as well. brian: the most interesting is
5:05 am
the leader of the un said, yeah, bureaucracy is my main focus as well and the president gave him compliments. you know when else enjoyed that demand to pay more? the supreme command of nato. said great people are finally paying their fair share because the president pushed them and when he came here and did a series of interviews, it didn't get a lot of play. meanwhile, the other thing not getting a lot of play is the president's butting relationship to a lot of leaders. including the french leader who everyone said would rather be with president obama. it turns out there's a real bond building there. >> yeah. i think that you're seeing in france itself, even though, of course, the populous forces didn't win last time around. there's still a great concern in france for what's happening both with difficulty and assimilation of some of the muslim immigrants into france and also in their economy.
5:06 am
it's not going to make france stronger. i think we want to have better relationships with all countries where we can have realistically better relationships. so i think trump behind closed doors has a lot of charm. he knows how to turn on the charm. he knows how to build relationships with people in positions of power. i think you're going to see more of that. and even that you heard quoted in some of the new york times pieces the last time from europe, some of the german officials. they understand that, again, an america and a germany that is not working in tantum on important issues, it's going to be bad for germany. so i think today will be a good moment for this country and the united nations, which has had its own share of challenges. ainsley: we shared all the pictures of nancy pelosi and
5:07 am
chuck schumer in the white house. well, she was talking to her base in san francisco and they started moving closer and closer, and saying you're a liar because she was trying to negotiate with the president on their behalf. listen to this. . >> do you want to hear an answer or do you want to just chant? do you want to listen or do you want to shout? stop it now. just stop it now. stop it. you are not helping the pause. since you don't want to listen, we'll just have to go. brian: who wins there? >> well, maybe nancy pelosi realizes that a lot of these
5:08 am
people don't respect borders. they don't respect the borders of our country. they don't respect borders in a public address. steve: civility. >> there's not a great deal of gratitude to be able to stay in the country temporarily, let alone a sense of what we can do to make it easier to press our case. that image is terrible for those who seek amnesty, for millions of and millions of people who are living here and oftentimes living here illegally. it's terrible for their message, and i think nancy pelosi realizes that. she was caught there. she couldn't get out. it's quite scary. screaming, not letting her speak. that's what happened to conservatives on college campuses. now you get a little taste of the message that deals with conservatives a lot. brian: well, the message is we're making this a sanctuary state and that's why they feel so entitled to many of which
5:09 am
perhaps are dreamers or part of the 11 million, according to their sign here illegally. when the governor says you can come and stay and use the system, why aren't you shouting down? >> yeah. biting the hand that feeds you, you know? or you give someone an inch, they take a mile. then we want rights and benefits and instate television then we want free health care, you know? then we want grandma to come in. i mean, this is the problem within the enforcing the rule of law. you're going to create a generation of entitled people. we talk about it for american kids who aren't forced to work. well, this is entitlement mentality for a whole new generation of people who are in this country and pelosi, maybe she understands a little bit better today or maybe not. we'll see. steve: we will see. meanwhile, i'm sure you have probably seen snippets from
5:10 am
sunday night's telecast, the 69th annual emmy awards. the lowest rated ever of the master of ceremonies was stephen colbert from the colbert report over on cbs and there they are applauding how fabulous they are. apparently, not so many people watched because they didn't like all the hollywood elites looking down to donald trump and all the people who voted for him. >> a lot of the same elements in this story as we see with the nfl with people tuning out the politics in the nfl. for some reason, these actors think that anyone cares about political views. no one cares. we don't care what people who have handlers, managers, pr people, you know? who spent their life for the most part not writing or
5:11 am
creating. who are reading other people's lines. now, there's a great talent in doing that, and i respect the acting profession. but you are immediately defying the country and turning off at least half of your audience by spending the entire broadcast trashing trump in some way, shape, or form. and stephen colbert has not been -- sorry. but has not been very funny since he was channeling former host on this network. so stephen colbert dancing, singing jokes, it got really rough in the beginning. okay? so we all got tired of that. brian: yeah, they didn't get the ratings, but they fired their pr people because the pr people were hurting their image with 50% of the country. it doesn't matter what you think. both republicans and democrats wanted -- we need them both in your audience buying tickets, so don't turn them off. it doesn't make good business then. >> you know what's interesting to go back and watch the emmy awards, even snippets even
5:12 am
during watergate in the 1970s. politics, they had glancing references to politics. but it was so much classier. even in the middle of watergate. and there was some mystery and magic and grace still for the actors and actresses. but a lot of that -- ainsley: laura, we all go to the movies because we want to relax. there's so much going on in our own lives, so we want to go to the movies to escape all of that, and we want to watch really good acting. we all support the arts. so when we watch these shows, we want to see -- honestly, what i want to see are beautiful dresses because i want to escape from all the stressful stuff that's going on in my life. and now no one wants to watch it because it's causing too much stress. steve: too much like the news. >> and even when they pan the audience, some of the actors and directors, they seem very uncomfortable. it's not a monolith in hollywood. we're led to believe that, and i think poom he are
5:13 am
intimidated, they don't want to speak out, otherwise they won't get parts. that happens. but even people in that auditorium, they knew what was happening with that broadcast, and i think donald trump becomes more popular, not less. brian: i'm so glad he didn't tweet on it. >> yeah. why bother? brian: people watching right now and say what's laura's show going to look like at 10:00. how could you sum it up? >> unpredictable. a bit of a wild ride in politics and culture. we're going to have a lot of fun and introduce new viewers to what fox is all about, and we're going to do our best every night. brian: full-time. >> thanks so much. brian: so now you get dental as well as medical. steve: it proposals october 30th 10:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. ainsley: woman to woman, i'm really happy for you. brian: man to woman, i'm happy. ainsley: well, she's going to be prime time. it's huge. steve: meanwhile, it's been ten months since she lost the presidential election but she
5:14 am
won't rule out challenging results. dr. bill bennett is here to react to that straight ahead. brian: and have you heard? toys r us just filed for bankruptcy. stuart varney is here and amazon is the dream. he'll explain
5:15 am
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steve: this is sad news. it's not all fun and games for toys r us, they have filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. and as online crushes into $5 billion worth of debt. ainsley: here to react, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stuart varney. stuart, is this because of amazon? stuart: yes, this is the amazon effect. there are other factors at play here. but what do we do talking about on fox business, the retail ice age, and that's changing the way of which we buy stuff, and it is a rev laguna. you're seeing ghost malls appear. 8,000 stores will appear. maybe 10,000 will close next year. brian: jobs gone. stuart: this is the amazon effect. what's going on here is people are buying stuff online. they're not going to the store. but toys r us has an added problem. a few years ago, 2005, they went private. an outside company bought them out, took them private, and borrowed about $6 billion to
5:19 am
buy them out. you've got to pay that $6 billion back, and they're having trouble paying it back, so they've declared bankruptcy, chapter 11, they've got a little bit of mine to keep them going, 1,600 stores worldwide will stay in business, but they're in very bad shape. steve: stuart, i remember a couple of years ago when they're talking about the amazon effect, and they said retail stores, brick and mortar because people will always want to go out and buy. but now these days, we buy so much stuff site unseen. except a little image. steve: i never thought people would buy clothing online. but they do. steve: they buy groceries. stuart: you can send it back. try it on at home, send it back. ainsley: buy $100 worth of clothing knowing they're only going to keep one thing. they pick out the address they're going to wafer to that event, and they send it back. brian: you know that. stuart: i know it very well. about 40% of all online
5:20 am
selling is concentrated at amazon. so if your industry is not attacked or taken over by but if amazon has an influence on your industry, your industry shrinks and amazon grows. that's for grocery stores, books, toys, all kinds of things. brian: the other story brewing is amazon is going to be building another headquarters and every state is vying for the 50,000 employees that could be coming there. is there a state of which state wins? most look at the cities as contenders. could they go somewhere else? stuart: frankly, i don't know. they're going to be offered incentives to move to a city. steve: tax break. stuart: tax breaks of various kinds. who offers the most is the question. they're going to have to go near an area with at least a million people in the urban concentration. you're going to go to that. they've got to have an educated labor force close by and a good labor force close by. brian: sounds like new york. stuart varney, thank you. we're going to watch you on
5:21 am
"varney & company" starting at 9:00 to noon. stuart: you've got that right. brian: coming up ahead, it's the new unshared documentary sharing both sides of theaf vietnam war. join. us live. keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. and life's beautiful moments.ns get between you switch to flonase allergy relief. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. flonase helps block 6. most allergy pills only block one
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> good morning. we're back with a fox news alert. hurricane maria making landfall as a category 5 storm battering the caribbean. heavy rains and winds up to 160 miles per hour devastating the tiny island perform the storm still a category five now heading towards puerto rico already battered by i remember a. and two police officers are hurt and three people under arrest following violent riots at georgia tech last night.
5:25 am
telling students to lock themselves indoors. protesters angry after police shot and killed students on saturday. some witnesses claim they were not writers. brian: 18-part of the documentary series called the vietnam war. sharing some of the untold stories of american and vietnamese soldiers north and south as well as the history we may have forgotten. listen. >> there wasn't anything to look forward to. if there were people going to be awarded for their services in vietnam and yet their infinite patience, their loyalty to each other, their courage under fire was just phenomenal. brian: unbelievable. joining us now are the codirectors of vietnam war. congratulations, you guys. i can't put it down. i did not know nearly as much
5:26 am
as i thought about this war. >> we made a film together on world war ii and as we're finishing that back in 2016, we realize that the next big thing in the road of history, american history, the most important event since world war ii is the vietnam war, but it's something americans haven't dealt with. it's unfinished business for us, and we thought what if it was possible for us to unpack all of the stuff that's conventional wisdom or stuff that's flat out wrong and relearn what actually happened but. so we have battles of vietcong gorilla shooting at a u.s. marine adviser, and you're suddenly getting the intimacy of what's going on there. brian: truman said -- kennedy had advisers in there, lbg obviously doubled and tripled down in there.
5:27 am
and nixon stayed in there and ultimately got out during ford. a lot of mistakes by a lot of great americans. how do you explain it? >> wow. this is what we made a about to try to figure that out because what you have to do is go back into their mind-set. what were they thinking? what were the geopolitics? they were worried about our reputation in the world. trying to fulfill our destiny as the righteous country that we think we are. but we really ran aground because we didn't understand what was actually going on there. brian: i don't know how you did it, but you took lbg speaking out loud about the reservations he had. it's throughout the entire series. >> i stayed awake last night thinking about this thing. the more i think about it, i don't know what -- it just worries the hell out of me. i don't see what we can ever hope to get out of there with once we're committed. i don't think it's worth fighting far, and i don't think we can get it, and it's
5:28 am
the biggest damn mess. >> it is an awful mess. >> and i just thought about all this kids in there, and what the hell am i organized them out there for? what is the worth to this country? brian: he was tortured by it. so what happens normally is our history making is top down. you know, big ideas. 30,000 policy and bottom up with the experience of ordinary soldiers. but the existence of the presidential tapes these are no longer the infallible leaders, they're tortured people trying to figure out what's the right thing to do in vietnam. brian: you know something else you guys brought out? the courage of our soldiers. the men and women who oftentimes were drafted, sent into a war, and the courage they have shown in the most brutal battlefield possible. they deserve so much more respect, and you bring it to them. >> thank you for saying that. that was one of the major forces for us to make sure the soldiers get the credit they deserve, and they're honored for their service, which we
5:29 am
really did not do as a country. we didn't really thank them, we didn't honor them, and we felt shunned, and that was wrong. and our film was to have a way to speak and tell their story, and you hear them describe just terrible fear of battle and loss of their friends and courage under fire, and it's incredibly inspiring to us. >> i just think a good deal of the divisions we experience per day had its seeds in vietnam and if we can unpack vietnam and repack it with scholarship, and we went out for the underwriters for this and got it across the political spectrum from the far right to the far left. we got an underwriter bank of america who said, look, bring it on. bring on the controversy. let's get into it. the better -- the more perspectives we have, the better it is for us to understand and go forward because america actually works really well when we work together, and we don't make the enemy of another. brian: just keep in mind the domino theory was done by the smartest people in the
5:30 am
country. we begin to lose the world, and we would be boxed in. so you have that cold war mind-set in. >> and let's remember that vietnam is now a close ally and an important strategic partner and as well as trading partner in southeast asia and part of the buffer against all the stuff that's going on now. brian: who's having problems with china as well. >> yes, exactly. brian: listen, just scratching the surface, obviously. please watch it. it's important and congratulations for putting it together. i can't imagine what went into it. we'll talk more on radio. okay? >> great. brian: you don't have to dress up. >> well, i have a face for radio. brian: you're a handsome man and lynn will tell you that in the break. it's been ten months since the election but hillary clinton just can't seem to let it go. she may even challenge the results and dr. bill bennett is here to react. a report from trump campaign chief manafort was wiretapped. so was president trump right all along? are we there yet? kevin, meet your father.
5:31 am
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boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. steve: this is a fox news alert. we're going to take you to the east side of manhattan and as you can actually see, you're inside the united nations headquarters. we're awaiting the rival of president trump. he's going to motorcade over to the tower. it will take about ten minutes and of course his big speech at about 10:30 this morning just two hours from right now in that room. you will see it live right here on the fox news channel. brian: and what's at stake? let's ask fox news contributor bell bennett. you have to check out his podcast at bill bennett.
5:35 am
>> brian: what do you think -- i don't blame you. what do you think is at stake of speech today? >> not much. brian: why? >> we know what donald trump think so. it was an easy ball, softball yesterday. it will be a little tougher today i think. he will give a nato-type speech, which you should do more. we do la, and you need to step up. he has not much use for this organization, but they'll be a good host. he likes what nikki haley's doing. it can matter what the un does when he gets behind us. but at the end of the day, most of the recent events, it's irrelevant. steve: all right. let's talk about the election. hillary clinton, you know, her new book came out, and she has blamed everyone for her loss. she's saying now, she was is interviewed on npr and she said -- listen to this about challenging the election if the russia stuff turns out to be -- if they prove something that's connected to russia. listen to this. >> would you completely rule
5:36 am
out questioning the legitimacy of this election if we learn the russia interference in the election is even deeper than we know now. >> no. i would not. i would say -- >> you're not going to rule it out. >> no. i wouldn't rule it out. steve: that's so funny because before the election when donald trump was asked the same question, essentially, he said i don't know. we're going to have to see. now, of course, she's not ruling it. >> well, i'm one of those in favor of keeping hillary in front view mirror. just keep it coming. remember the kids story the never-ending story? never ends. no end to this as long as the vision in people's minds of the democratic party is hillary clinton and bernie sanders, which, by the way, gives a slight boost, i think, to the new move to health care for trump. the fact that he stepped forward and said single pair -- brian: democrats run for that. >> half democrats are running
5:37 am
to embrace it. but they need her out of the way. brian: do you notice a different tone to the administration since chief of staff kelly took over? >> a little bit. brian: do you like it? >> yeah. i admire kelly. it's in the blood. but nobody is going to stop donald trump from being donald trump. you may make him a little muted. a little muscled. steve: trump loved the military exercises, the big parade down the big streets there. and, in fact, yesterday suggested that maybe we would have one in front of pennsylvania avenue on the fourth of july. what do you think about something like that? >> he said no to the white house components dinner and yes to the parade. steve: priorities. >> these symbolic things are important just like we're spending time talking about the emmys. you can spend time on this. brian: but notice he didn't? >> i know. good for him. brian: that was fantastic. >> i think military parade will be great.
5:38 am
ainsley: do you think there will be protesters there? >> yes. there will be protesters there. i hope. ainsley: for a military parade? >> yes. because there will be no end to it. look at the mess they're making. look at these people protesting nancy pelosi. because once you say trump is all the things he said he is for pelosi to sit down with him, he becomes a collaborator. how can you sit with a nazi and a dictator? and that's what she's doing. brian: clearly, she doesn't believe that, and she can't believe the mess she left behind and the people who showed up have to be part of the illegal population that are waiting for amnesty. you see this signs said 15 million. it didn't say 800,000. those are beyond dreamers. >> this thing goes much beyond the dreamer thing. the dreamer thing is an opportunity for trump, i think. he can be the good guy and be generous to the dreamers in a series of things that make sense. the wall, e-verify, and some of the other things. steve: there's a new survey that has come out that shows
5:39 am
an alarming number. 19% of undergraduate college folks are okay with shutting down speakers they don't agree with via violence. >> yeah. well, this is an old theme of mine. somebody who's paying $50,000 a year may be somewhere in metaphoric scratching their head what exactly am i paying for at middlebury or dartmouth? this is the antifa message and, by the way, the antifa message has to be taken seriously. there are a lot of fellow travelers. you have this professor at dartmouth who wrote the book, and they do not believe that you have a right to speak. this is what they're being taught in universities. and since nobody else is teaching the other side in a persuasive way, college professors, that's the message they're getting. i'm struck when i go to college campuses on how little they know. i don't just mean about the arguments, how little history,
5:40 am
how little you can call. illusions they don't know. brian: which is unbelievable. steve: who do you blame for that? >> the educational system in general. elementary and secondary and the college system. there is something called the college learning assessment. they've given it a couple universities. how much do you learn from freshman year to junior year, and they stopped giving it. you know why? they were going backwards. >> i want you to know i live in person. brian: i know. i can't believe it. ainsley: great having you here. brian: see? i told you he was a real person. >> now i'm goin i'm going back to north carolina. steve: time now for news and jillian has that. >> let's begin with this. new questions surrounding a deadly bus crash in new york city. investigators still trying to figure out how a bus driver fired after the city transit authority after a dui ended up behind the wheel of a private tour bus. plowed the charter bus into a
5:41 am
city bus killing himself and two others. the crash also injuring more than dozen people. the cause of the crash is still unknown. abortion is free for everyone in the state of oregon, including illegal immigrants. governor kate brown holding a signing ceremony for the new law that requires insurance companies to cover the procedure without copays or deductibles. it also allocates half a million dollars to cover immigrants that don't qualify under the state's health plans. and the report says former trump campaign manager was wiretapped by the obama administration before and after the 2016 election. the cnn report now raising questions of whether trump's claims of wiretapping are true. earlier, judge napolitano said that concern is just the tip of the iceberg. >> were they listening to paul manafort during the campaign in order to find out what donald trump was going to do next in the campaign and help hillary? were they listening to paul manafort because they thought he had committed a crime?
5:42 am
were they listening to paul manafort because they were looking for something with which to tarnish the future president? >> the new york times also reporting the fbi is ready to indite manafort but was not specific on charges. manafort is the central figure in the fbi investigation into russian involvement in the 2016 election. a police officer shows up at a party but instead of shutting it down, he turns it up. ♪ ♪ >> yeah, party goers at a bar in wisconsin stunned by officer's jonathan incredible skills. he was a musician before joining the force and has been playing the violin since he was just 3 years old. pretty good. awesome. a look at your headlines and back to you guys. steve: america's got talent. brian: they wear uniforms. steve: meanwhile, they've created chaos on the streets of st. louis for four straight days now protesters are planning to storm town hall.
5:43 am
we're live on the ground next. brian: and then big and rich are going to perform live. at least, they claim they will. and they brought their instrumes we're family. we'd do anything for each other. but this time... those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union. ♪ lights, camera ♪ strike a pose your eyes work as hard as you do. but do they need help making more of their own tears?
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ainsley: back with a fox news alert, maria making landfall as a category 5 overnight. steve: puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands now breaking for the worst. janice dean is in our studio and the big question is will it impact us? >> in the short-term, we're going to see the potential for a category 5 moving into the u.s. and british virgin islands and then puerto rico could take a direct hit from this very powerful hurricane. we could see upwards of six to
5:47 am
11-foot storm surge over a foot, 18 inches of rainfall. and then as it moves across the southern part of the storm east of the bahamas, perhaps could also see a direct impact. and then that cone of uncertainty gets wider. but for the foreseeable future, very concern for the british and u.s. virgin islands, they could be completely slammed by this. puerto rico 18 to 20 inches of rainfall and look at the forecast for wind gust. already devastated by irma, but this could be another huge impact for all of these areas that were hit by irma, especially puerto rico. i am so concerned for puerto rico. and then we'll watch it across the bahamas and east coast. but for now, this is the concern. steve: they are in the bulls eye. thank you. ainsley: thanks, janice. today protesters are expected to storm a town hall hosted by the mayor of st. louis with a long list of demands. steve: the city's police department vowing to be there
5:48 am
in full force after days of right lane riots following an officer's acquittal on murder charges. ainsley: depress jenkins is live in st. louis with new details for us. >> finally a quiet night last night accompanied by a terrible thunderstorm which may have played a factor. i want you to look across the street. there's a small encampment, called occupy of justice protesters who are waiting for some of their fellow comrades to get out of jail. there were 123 arrests, a handful still in jail, and i went over and talked to them and i said are you going to the to the mayor's town hall tonight? and we were caught up with one of the protesters, here's what he says they want. take a listen. >> our first demand is that
5:49 am
police stop killing black people. we don't need words anymore. she can stop all of this today. if she said i am willing to look at the ethical society of police recommendation that spell out very clearly how we can have better relationships with the police. . >> now, also upset about police tactics that they say they're going to stay in control, quote not going well with protesters, so i suspect we're going to have a lot of fireworks, guys. steve: thank you. meanwhile, big and rich are warming up in our studio. they're going to perform for us live next here in new york. ainsley: but first, we're going to check in with bill to find out what's coming up on his show. you might hear them singing. oh, actually, you're outside at the un. steve: that's a different tune. >> i will listen. yes, certainly, guys. good morning to you. this really is the story of the day. president donald trump's first major speech here at the united nation as president.
5:50 am
what will he say to the world leaders? how will he challenge these countries? we will have complete live coverage coming up. and full analysis too. the terrific lineup coming up at 9:00 a.m. eastern. live on a split broadcast of today's newsroom from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied.
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5:53 am
steve: look what they made for me. performing right now, their new single california, here, ladies and gentlemen, big and rich. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, y'all. ♪
5:54 am
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>> after the show show, there will be more of these kids. big & rich in any order. >> bill: good morning, everyone. we're now just one hour away from president trump's first ever speech to the u.n. general assembly here in new york city. the president will go with a simple message. america first, but not america alone. he will also highlight the threats the world must unite against to defeat. it will be a critical morning here at the united nations as we say good morning. split broadcast today. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom" and shannon hello to you. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in our new york studio. president trump will argue that individuals should act in their own self-interest but unite in the f


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